All owners of property in the Element are encouraged to apply for membership of TENOA. Membership gives you a say in how the Element is run, both by the factors, who look after the communal areas of the property, and by the committee, who’s aim is to foster the wellbeing of those who reside here. Members of TENOA have one vote per property at the Annual General Meeting. To join click on the link below.

Current Committee

The Committee are elected to manage the business and affairs of TENOA on behalf of all the members and in the interests of all occupiers of all 278 properties located in the Element, both owners and tenants. They are governed by our current constitution adopted in 2017 (see link below) and are therefore charged with the responsibility of fostering co-operation and a sense of well-being among all living here (see living in the Element) and to monitor the work of the Factors, appointed by TENOA, as per our title deeds, at the AGM in 2015.

The minutes of the meetings of the committee can be found using this link.

The current members of the Committee are as follows:

Chairman: Rev. Dr. Ken Webb (elected at the AGM on 29th November 2021
Secretary:  Post vacant

Members:   Ms Martyna Adamowicz: Mr Tony Barry,  Mr Grant Laing and Mrs Linda Gilroy, elected at the AGM on 29th November 2021

The Committee Nomination Form will be sent out with the AGM notice each year.

Chairman’s Address

TENOA Consitution

Find out how to vote and discover the process of joining the committee

How To Join

Find out how to join the committee and be included in the community

Complaints Procedure

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